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X100 Harley Scooter


Product name£ºX100 Harley Scooter

Product Description£º

1,motor power:800W brushless 2,voltage:60V

3,Max speed: 55km/h  or speed limited for option 4,battery style:lithium battery
5,battery capacity:12Ah 6,dimension :1756x700x1200mm
7,wheelbase :1296mm 8,seat height :700mm
9,weight:50kg 10,wheel size:18*9.5-8
11,max load:180kgs 12,driving range:40-60km
13,max torgue:95n/m 14,brake performance:20km/h<1m dry <3m wet
15,charging time:6-8h 16,Dsic brake front and rear
17,battery vol screen

For Opition:

Double seat , Hydraulic front shock and rear shock, 20Ah lithium battery, brake light,turning lights,Alarm,

1500w motor, 2000w motor and 3 speed levels.